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The Versilia Golf Resort offers its guests an exclusive American bar where to indulge in moments of relaxation and tranquility sipping a drink or a coffee in a really charming environment.

Thanks to its impeccable service, excellent quality and refined furnishings, the American Bar is the ideal meeting point where to end your evening sipping a long-drink, for a coffee or a cocktail in the relaxing and refined atmosphere of one of the most exclusive resorts in Versilia.

Besides the best Italian coffee and delicious selection of teas and herbal teas, the American Bar of the Versilia Golf Resort offers its guests also a wide range of cocktails, long drinks, spirits and liquors. It is possible to taste international classics such as Alexander, Bloody Mary, Margarita or Manhattan, the most famous long drinks, like Cuba Libre, Long Island or Mojito or try new and custom drinks relying on the creativity and experience of our barman.

In the elegant and evocative environment of the American Bar, lighten-up by elegant imperial style lamps and furnished with sofas and fine antiques, our guests can relax admiring the wonderful view overlooking the golf course, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Versilia.

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